Troubleshooting Guide

Please unplug the device’s power cable, wait one second and plug it back in. Please allow up to 5 minutes to allow the device to reconnect to the network. Also, ensure the device is installed in a location with adequate air flow. Finally, please make sure you plug the device into a surge protector.

Many problems can be solved if the telephone ATA is placed within the DMZ of your ISP modem router combo. Please do not use more than one router as this will impair the service and separate the network controls. Dialing Innovations cannot be responsible for nonstandard network architecture.

Increase your internet speed. Decent call quality needs to be at 4 mbps downstream and 1 mbps upstream. When you reach below these levels, call quality is affected.

The system is digital, as such it is on or off. If you experience static or background noises, you need to buy a new telephone or telephone cable. Static is caused by shorts in cords and handsets.

The IVR system provides E911 services. This service requires you to give your store address. If you would like to upgrade to standard 911 services, it will cost an additional $5 per month. To activate, please call Dialing Innovations at 877-977-8250.

**Problems with certain combo modems and routers have occurred. Known issues are ActionTek and Netgear. These two brands do not always allow the correct traffic through.

Contact Us Toll Free: 877-977-8250

*Standard VoIP 911 service provided at no additional charge, but requires caller to provide address when calling

**You may provide your own recording at no additional charge