Additional IVR Menu Options

  • You can add as many as nine menu options for no additional cost.
  • If we provide the IVR message, a charge of $75.00 per new message will apply.
  • No charge if the IVR message is recorded and provided by the franchisee.

ATA Option

  • Installing an ATA will allow the store to utilize VOIP telephone service.
  • VOIP is an internet voice (phone) service that allows the store to cancel their current land telephone line.

Equipment Expenses:

  • One−time ATA purchase cost: $60.00 + shipping per ATA.
  • Dual line ATA purchase cost: $80.00 + shipping per ATA.
  • No additional monthly service cost (included with monthly IVR cost).


  • If you would like reporting, please contact support at 877-977-8250
  • These reports will detail the number of calls and transfers each store receives.

IVR costs and optional features


Standard IVR Service: $10.00 per month(Canada $25)

IVR Service with Fax Service: $20.00 per month

Premium Service Package: Additional $5.00 per month

  • 411 Services
  • E-911 Service*
  • Call Waiting

Custom Recording: $75.00 per recording**

*Standard VoIP 911 service provided at no additional charge, but requires caller to provide address when calling

**You may provide your own recording at no additional charge